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Marine Transport Refrigeration Units

MHI's Reefer "CPE*" Unit, Active all over the world

- Maintaining the Quality of Cargo -
The Newest Two Big Advantages and Six Features
Maintaining the Quality of Cargo
Super-Slim 305 mm Unit for 20-ft Containers
This unit has earned a global reputation for its leading-edge technology. This allows the unit to be extremely thin, thereby minimizing its affect on cargo weights.
Excellent Cooling Capacity
Our units guarantee high cooling efficiency even for large containers
(cooling down to -25°C for 40-ft containers).
Use Freon Substitutes to Ensure Environmental Soundness Alternative Refrigerants: R134a, R404A
Our units offer a freedom of choice in the refrigerant that is used, thereby meeting a variety of customer needs.

  • Ventilator
    Big fresh air exchange
  • Large Inspection Hatch
    Easy maintenance
  • Anti-corrosion Structure
    Use anti-corrosion material such as aluminum, stainless-steel, copper, brass, plastic, etc.
  • Evaporator Fan Motors
    Big air flow
    Good temperature distribution
  • Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV)
    High accurate refrigerant flow control
    • Cooling capacity control
    • Power consumption control
    • High pressure control
  • Circular Condenser Coil
    Specially coated with polyvinyl after painting
    High efficiency
    Easy maintenance

CONTROLLER "MMCCIIIA" (Mitsubishi Micro-Computerized recorder Controller)

Mitsubishi Micro-Computerized Recorder Controller (MMCCIIIA) is a high-precision, multi-functional recorder controller developed for use with refrigerated cargo containers and has every function required for them, such as various control functions, display, data control, and temperature recording function, for refrigeration unit.


This unit is equipped with one of the world's most lightweight hermetic scroll-type compressors, which are known for their reliability, efficiency and excellent durability.
(No overhauls or maintenance are necessary.)
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