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Periodical Maintenance [Overhauling]

Every component of the centrifugal chiller plays an important role. In an extended period of usage, deterioration continues due to rotation, heating, cooling and vibration at parts that cannot be checked during daily/periodical checks. If the maintenance of the components is ignored, it may lead to accidents and may also shorten the service life as well as of the decline in function and the performance of the chiller. For the purpose of preventive maintenance, periodical overhaul maintenance is indispensable.

In order to operate the compressor for a long period of time, periodical overhauling is required considering the wear and tear condition of the sealing parts of the high speed rotating object and service life of the bearing, etc.

Concerning other electrical parts (starter panel, inverter panel, multi-function microcomputer operation panel, controllers and safety devices) and mechanical parts (heat exchange tubes, accessories, etc.), this periodical overhauling is also indispensable to maintain the function and performance of the chiller.

Major Components

Maintenance of Compressor and Motor

Major Electrical Parts

Starter panel will be used in case of
This photo shows an inverter panel of 6.6kW. The opening door is an optional item.
Multi-function microcomputer operation panel

Controllers, measuring instruments, valves, etc.
Level gauge, measuring motor valve, pressure switch, resistance thermometer, etc.

(1)Level gauge
(2)Motor for control valve
(3)Pressure switch
(4)Resistance thermometer

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