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Application & Experience


Semiconductor Industry

The centrifugal chillers are used for supplying chilled water for manufacturing imaging devices(digital camera, LCD and semiconductors)

Sony Group Corporation Sendai Technology Center

Food Industry

For a process of sterilization in a mineral water manufacturing facility the centrifugal chiller is being used to prevent growth of various germs with rapid cooling with nearly zero degree chilled water.

Also for cooling down the manufacturing machinery, chilled water with a stable water temperature of 10 to 30°C is being used.

Ak Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
Asahi Breweries, Ltd. Ibaraki Brewery
Lotte Co., Ltd. Urawa Factory

Automotive Industry

For a painting facility in the automotive industry the centrifugal chillers is used to supply chilled water to the drying oven and other manufacturing equipments.

Air-conditioning system for manufacturing facilities requires high cooling load and constant long annual operating hours and the centrifugal chillers provide the suitable solutions.

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Technical Center

Chemical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Eisai Co, Ltd. Kawashima Plant


Kao Corporation

Clean Room

For a specific demand in a room for the semiconductor factories the centrifugal chiller is used to provide temperature and humidity control, air purification, air flow and air pressure.

Sony Device Technology(Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Shopping Malls/Hotels/Buildings/Hospitals

For hotels, and offices the centrifugal chillers are used to provide constant temperature and humidity control while reducing energy consumption.

Constant cooling for long operation hours require large amounts of energy and the highly efficient centrifugal chiller and ice thermal storage system provides a suitable solution.

The air-conditioning load largely depends on fluctuation of number of visitors. The load could be managed using variable speed drive chiller.

Toranomon Hills
Japanese Red Cross Medical Center

Data Center

For an air-conditioning system for a data center the centrifugal chillers are continuously providing a stable supply of chilled water while saving energy.

Shirakawa Data Center


Kansai International Airport(KIX)
Narita International Airport

District Heating and Cooling System

District heating and cooling systems (D.H.C) are configured by a combination of several local plants that produce chilled water and steam for cooling and heating certain areas and for hot-water supply, and a network of supply pipes that deliver to a number of buildings.

Centrifugal chiller is one of the core equipment of D.H.C system.

Marina Bay New Down Town District, Singapore
Madinah Urban Development Project, Saudi Arabia
Minato Mirai 21 District