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Thermal Solutions

One-stop solutions can be provided with the advanced and highly efficient centrifugal chiller with support on the installation and after sales service.
Reduction of CO2 emissions and power consumption can be achieved.

Steps of proposal

One-stop proposal of solutions that contribute to lowering operating costs and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Proposal for thermal solutions

Solution1 Examination of the current status of the heat source system load and performance
→ Visualization system
Solution2 Examination of the benefits of replacing own heat source system
→ Case study based on LCC analysis
Solution3 Optimize the control of the entire heat source system
→ Heat Source Control System "Ene-Conductor"
Solution4 Improve cooling capacity during part load performance
→ Variable flow rate control of chilled water
Solution5 Replace the brine chiller system for the centrifugal chiller and improve efficiency and optimize the heat source system
→ Replace the system with a chiller for low-temperature chilled water supply


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